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What ages of students do you accept? 

We accept students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.


What is TLBA's definition of classical education? 

We believe that subjects are best taught in conjunction with each other and not in isolated silos. Science skills affect math, history and science go hand-in-hand, and geography and history affect our current geopolitical world.  We believe in classical literature, fine arts exposure, and science with labs to meet college entrance requirements.


How does a one-room schoolhouse work today? 

TLBA's Lower School consists of students from K-8th grade.  The Upper School is primarily grades 9-12.  We learn most things in a three step process:  watch, do, teach.  The one-room schoolhouse model facilitates this as the youngest students are exposed to things earlier without expectation for mastery and the oldest students experience mastery while also helping younger students.  This model also facilitates great discussions and offers many opportunities for collaberative learning.


Why a non-traditional school calendar? 

We want our families to have time to learn outside the classroom whether it be by travel, the outdoors, generational learning at home, or private lessons with private instructors. 


Is The Learning Bench Academy a school, a co-op, or something else? 

TLBA is a hybrid school, and under Montana Annotated Code our families are legal homeschooling families.  Our students are eligible for ACES Scholarships. 

What is a University Model School? 

A university model school is one in which students attend classes a few days a week, for TLBA students it is Mondays and Wednesdays, and complete their work at home the other days, just as you would attend a university class.

Does The Learning Bench Academy issue high school diplomas? 

No, our students are legal homeschool student which allows parents complete control over their education and allows parents to issue diplomas.  High school diplomas issued by parents and accompanied by thorough transcripts are accepted by universities, colleges, trade programs, military academies, and the Armed Forces.  Home-school students are competitive for scholarships as well.  Home-school students do not need to take the HISET to be considered graduates.

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